Saturday, June 02, 2007

home is where the heart is

When we go away for too long, we get a slight uncomfortable feeling of coming back. i think.. but sometimes its just a feeling. The truth is that if the place we're headed is home.. we're always welcomed. no matter what.

and where is home ?

I read a book once, where the heart is by billie letts. And where is the heart? .. its everywhere ... everywhere and anywhere you want it to be.

My heart is my compass in life. It took me sometime to find my heart, to really locate where it is and how i am able to make use of it... to the fullest. Finally when i did, i realized it was more than just an organ pumping blood.

Nowadays, when times are good or bad, i take a moment, in deep silence and i close my eyes.. and i listen... i listen hard to that sound, that sound somewhere deep inside... its a voice that i hear. i can vaguely make out the words... but i know for a fact that its somewhat a calling... giving me directions , not necessarily right or wrong, but it leads me to the path .. a path where i want to be... because only the heart knows my deepest desires.

In this world filled with much challenges, faced with much fears, some form of strength is needed to sustain the joyness of life. Without joy, life can be meaningless. And so, sometimes, even the strongest of hearts, can momentarily fail. In times like this, it was important that i learned how to reach out and gladly receive the warm support of family, friends and loved ones.

Which is why one need not feel alone in this big big world. It is in the giving that we truly live, but i recently learned, in being able to receive graciously, one can continuously live joyfully for as you sow, so shall you reap.

So if you get lost and you cant find your way home... close your eyes and listen hard. the light will shine its way, and even with your eyes closed... soon you'll be on your way home..

joy is a net of love that capture souls [mother teresa]