Monday, April 11, 2005

nasi lemak and grilled lamb chops

when u put together a plate of sweet smelling coconut fragrance rice topped with delicious spicy sambal sotong or kerang or udang or whichever that u fancy, a fried egg with a creamy yellow center together with some cucumbers, fried anchovies and peanuts... yumm yumm... next to a plate of perfectly grilled lamb chops and mash potatoes and buttered boiled veggies... ohh my.. the head the mind the soul the heart... not forgetting the growling stomache which constantly craves for all types of food... i just go crazy..

abs diet, low carb diet, protein diet, atkins, fatkins, whatever u call it.. i swear by none. but! the need for me to have a lean stomache and great abs, one that's nice for me to look at, that pairs up nicely with a low cut pants, or a teeny weeny pink bikini.. sigh.. i try..

however, there's just no way i'm gonna trade my super-duper-eat-what-i-want diet. what do i do? so i go to the gym. in which i solemnly made a promise to religiously exercise, lift those weights, work those abs. and so i did for 3 weeks.. then work came along, then fun, then more food ahh yess no time lahhhh.. soo busssyyyy!!.. yes.. blame in on everything else but myself :) well all is not loss, i may still not have those great abs.. but.. i dont get tired as much as i used to.. i can now bend and flex, the body's got a bit more strength these days..

pretty clear that the intention was more to i-really-dont-care-for-my-great-abs after all. and so i will continue this battle. with no strategic solutions. i perhaps will not win. i perhaps do not want to win. until i deal with my intentions.. que sera sera, what will be will be.

nasi lemak and grilled lamb chops. i'll have both please. thank you


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