Tuesday, April 12, 2005

dance with me

when i think of all the beautiful things in life i'd like to do or make happen.. i know i wouldnt have enough pen and paper to list them all. and so i stuff them all in to my brain , wishin and hopin they would all come true. until it hit me straight in the face... wishes and hopes dont make things come to reality.. so i start being beautiful and do all those beautiful stuff i said i wanted.. hence, i get a beautiful life.

what's a beautiful life? is perfect beautiful? is looking great all the time beautiful? having all the nice dresses, nice shoes, nice bags, nice places to go.. is that beautiful? what's nice? who defines nice, beautiful, great, wonderful? there's a yes and no to that i say..

my beautiful life is filled with ups and downs, with happy moments and sad miseries. if i didnt understand the meaning of sadness, i wouldnt know what it would be like to feel happy. if there were no wars, i wouldnt understand the meaning of peace. if i didnt fall out of love.. i would never truly appreciate the great love that comes my way.

to run and laugh in the park. go for boat rides. read a book. take a walk on the beach, sing a song, eat lots of chocolate, strawberries and cream, call a girlfriend, cook lunch for my dad, go shopping with my sister, go for dinner with the whole family, laugh a lot, smile even more, loving a loved one with all my heart, do some charity, being happy, being fulfilled. but having just all of these, or even more does not sum up to what i would call a beautiful life..

what makes it beautiful... is when things go wrong, climbing that ladder to something beautiful.. and then i fall down and hurt myself ..when i get sad, or angry, or annoyed, when i cry, when i stand up.. when my tears dry up, when sadness turns to pure happiness, when anger changes to love, when i forgive, when i let go, when i accept, and the sun comes up... that's beautiful to me.

dance this life. dance with me.


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