Sunday, April 24, 2005

smile upon the moon's bitchy world out there.. as much love as i try to spread.. me alone is not enough. but i go on.. yup i know it's not enough. but what is enough. i have finally accepted the fact that there is not such thing as enough. it will never be enough. there's always more and more. but before i saw it as.. oh dear..*frown* what else can i do what else should do. is it enough? *frown* but now.. i see it as.. oh great!!!! now i can move on to something else.. it'll never be enough.. so lets just enjoy.. every single moment. fuck alot things sometimes... moments when i feel the world is against me.. its enough to trip me and make me fall... but seeing the joy on fu's face, hearing the chuckle of my nephews, a smile from my dad, my whole family by my side, my friends laughing along with me, money in the bank aha!! :) how can i be angry to the world that i thought was against me. life's full of shit i say.. same shit.. different day.. but.. it's all not that bad.. look upon the sky.. its blue. at night if u're lucky u see stars.. and when u see the moon.. smile. just as she's smiling back to you.


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