Wednesday, August 23, 2006

what seemed like forever was just a few weeks ago

[ mia sara, my beloved cat in snoozeland dreaming away ]

after a series of fortunate events im finally taking time to pen down my thoughts and taking a breather.

oh how long its been. work has left me not connecting with myself at times. but of course it's all good. alhamdullilah and congratulations for gubra, yasmin ahmad, sharifah armani, cast and crew. [ so if you didnt catch it on the big screen , the dvd/vcd is now out in stores nearby ]

one of the most memorable and pleasant experience i had recently was working with a bunch of teenagers. it was for a talent search competition powered by digi :) the digicelebriteen was aimed at giving young aspiring teen talents a shot at stardom. and my oh my .. they definitely amazed me with their talent and unique personality. each and everyone of them were just so so good!! which i felt made the grand finals a very tough competition. i of course had a personal favourite dave from sarawak who sang in mandarin and had made me fallen in love with mandarin songs! :) but without a doubt everyone was simply simply amazing. but you see... it wasn't just about the competition and the fact that they had such great talent. it was so much more than that. it was seeing these young kids, going out there and doing what they had to do and most importantly what they wanted to do.. which involved alot of hard work, great great effort, i mean they really worked hard and they were happy too. with the smiles on their faces and the high spirits they kept inside was sort of an inspiration and of course... that made me happy too.

i remember my days joining in the talent search in school many many years ago. 16 years ago, trying my very best to sing francesca peters's kau lilin cintaku [ i was a big fan of hers back then.. am still ]. in which i had failed tremendously, and ran off the stage in tears streaming down my cheeks.. sat down on the swing and cried even harder...

nevertheless, i was happy, still am happy and blessed with the nomination of most promising actress at the recent film festival awards , and of course, congratulations to my friend carmen soo :) hugs hugs.. love love :)