Wednesday, February 21, 2007

my late valentine

juliana not having a valentine's entry. now even i find that hard to believe. due to certain circumstances it had to be that way. though i dont celebrate valentines day as it is.. just like and other loving [single] woman, i make it a point to actually do celebrate the day as lovers day. and what does a loving [single] woman do without a lover? she decides that her 2 loving [not single] friends go out and celebrate. and there i was... out on lovers day with my loving friends all filled with love... full stop.

in life we do a lot of things. good and bad. in life... people do a lot of things.. good and bad.. in life we will get hurt. in life we will hurt people. its not intentional but it happens. yes life is not perfect , yet its imperfection makes it such a good way to live and learn making it rather perfect as perfect can be. how do we know when to stop, when to go on... or when to just let go.

we'll know. somehow we'll know. its hard to say how and when we'll know.. but we will someday. because there's this voice inside that tells us. and if u listen hard enough... u've realized that u might have not been listening all this while. and when u finally listen... u'll find the way. and u realize... wow... what have i been listening to all this while? :)

hoping that all you out there, valentines or no valentines, is filled with as much love and u would want it to be. and dont make it just a day... its lovers day... everyday.

with all my heart.

Friday, February 02, 2007

leaving on a jet plane

im packing my bags and im leaving again. and im glad. i've been invited to co host a cooking programme in langkawi. and i love langkawi. i love my job. i love you :)

a fresh breath of air, the sand on my skin and the wind beneath my wings

i am now ready to fly

and there's no turning back

its now or never

i wont stop

i wll go on

coz from where i stand

my fate is in my hands.