Thursday, July 29, 2010

taking love to greater heights

i received good news from a very good friend of mine today. news as good as this makes me want to blog all about it. a few months back, my friend made some very serious decisions about her life. when we make such serious and important decisions, usually it is because we want to achieve something more, something greater , something that will in the end, make us feel all happy inside.

i was happy for her, for she had found her soul's desire. so even if it meant that she would be 9000 miles away from me, even if it meant that i needed to take a flight of 20 hours just to be with her, i would still be happy for her...after all, i believe that she deserved such happiness.

today i gave her a call to find out when she's leaving.. guess what.. she's not.. i will leave it to her to tell you what her plans are, for im sure she will very soon. my very first question was..."
oh, but are you happy ? " she said, "actually.... yes"... i couldnt imagine how she could be happy. i would think that if you didnt get things your way, you would feel slightly disappointed...

i would..
and then she explained.... and i realized something...

my story is about what i learned from my lovely friend.

i learned that you can choose to be happy and that happiness does not solely come from following your own desires.

i learned that even if you truly badly want something, you can control your body mind and soul to also not want it anymore
i learned that with a big heart, you will love not only yourself but much more of others who matters most to you

i learned that life greatest opportunities come in different sizes, packages, colours...

i learned that it is not always about what we want.

we live in a big world, surrounded by people we love and love us back..

sometimes we have to not take what we get, but give what we can....

sometimes we need to be open to ideas and new inventions...

but this is all more easier said than done...

i only know its possible because of my friend ninie ahmad who believes that 'impossible is nothing'

and with a heart that loves ... she really can :)

she goes on and on most times telling the world about this heart of mine. the one that loves hard and much...

all i know is that birds of a feather do flock together and that it takes one to know one (.. and i mean this in a good way ;) ).

may the path you have chosen leads you to the happiness you seek, and the wonders of joy that shakes the earth under your feet.

much heart and love from me.

who do you want standing next to you when all your dreams come true
and that pain you feel... that's life
the confusion and fear
that's there to remind you that somewhere out there
there's something better and that something is worth fighting for
[one tree hill]

Do everything with so much love in your heart that you would never want to do it any other way.
-Yogi Desa

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Blogger the Razzler said...

Dear Julia...

How true & inspiring!! Both you & Ninie ... :)

Happiness can be a very simple incident/moment that brings a smile on your face & simply warms your heart!

Every such moment always makes me feel that this is what life is all about! :)

9:14 AM  
Anonymous Ninie said...

And I learn to truly madly love & believe from YOU!

Thank you for the most beautiful post anyone can write about me. When it came from someone that means the most to me, I feel most loved & beautiful :)

11:54 AM  

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