Saturday, April 30, 2005

my love

okay.. so i'm getting a bit too excited... and the holiday is only 3 weeks from today.. sigh.. hence i busy myself with stuff.. workshops to attend.. abit of work here and there.. a couple of laughs... zillion minutes of love and lust.. should keep the days passing by real fast.

recently i got the great opportunity to attend the storytellers club love fest.. and i discovered again.. how small this world really is. the kind hearted yasmin ahmad.. director of highly acclaimed SEPET-- for those of you who still have not seen this movie.. u are so out of your mind!!.. well anyway.. dear yasmin kindly allowed us to view shunji iwai's love letter at the leo burnett theaterette yesterday everning. i've never seen the movie before and yesterday was my first time. for me.. it was one of those movies that i would keep my eyes glued to the screen. i wanted to see every move, every shot, hear every line--( well in this case.. read every line)-- wanted to just keep on watching.. and the ending.. was just so... good and sweet.. it reminded me of love.. hurt, jealousy, insecurity.. also.. amazing feelings, purity, sincerity..

i love romantic movies.. ever since i was small... i grew up learning all i could about what it takes to love.. but there was a point in my life in which i despised them.. in which i thought it was crap... it was all a lie... fake.. an image.. even the word love just didnt mean anything anymore. until a couple of months back.. i remembered to love again.. not just love as in a relationship.. but love.. universal love-- between man and woman, mother and child, the earth and the sky, life and death. love in all that i do.. its amazing when i think i of it.. doing everything out of love. kecik kecik dulu ingat love tu.. cinta.. kene cinta kat lelaki jer.. sbb tu la.. but now.. love is about everything that goes on in my life.. my love for what i do as a living, my love for the amazing man that i truly adore, my love for my family, my love for all around me and most importanly, my love for Allah.. for i am truly blessed.

to love.. to feel the light in my eyes shining bright.. the warmth of my heart.. the gentle tenderness i long to give.. the love.. that i have .. exists .. because of all that i have.. and all means everything.. that includes you...

and so i thank you...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanx 4 reminding me about Allah SWT. I was going through a very rough patch spiritually and when i read your blog, I realized that i still had a chance to repent and make amends for my numerous sins. I never suspected that you were the spiritual type; i guess i must have judged you based on appearances alone. Boy, was i shallow...


12:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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