Monday, August 08, 2005

fill in the blanks

i keep forgetting that whenever i dont write. i feel a bit lost. and at this particular time. i am lost. no.. let me correct myself. i was lost. until a friend, a very good friend, reminded me the song of my heart of which the words i had forgotten.

i am a perfectionist. i think i am.. or so i try to be. sometimes i realize, its not too good a thing.. for me.. and for those around me. too many times i believe i have hurt the ones i love, when i crave perfection in every single way.

i claim to be a very supportive lover and friend... the one thing i yearn for is to see the people around me, friends, family, colleagues and my loved one, win in the game of life. happy, successful and living life to its fullest.

in doing so, i sometimes turn into a creature that i myself dislike. i become pushy, demanding, accusing, bitter and indeed robbing one's soul. intentions of being supportive, caring, loving, and trusting dissapears into thin air. the worse thing is that i never even realize that it's what i'm doing to myself.

life is really about simplicity. and this little girl, turns it into one complicated roller coaster.

dont be me... please please please :)

God has bestowed upon me.. so many beautiful wonders in my life, to remind me when i turn into a monster. Love, kills this monster and such is the beauty of love.

im too tired tonite...... good nite..


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