Tuesday, May 31, 2005

to dream a dream

helloo everybodyy!!!! :) am back.. from my long awaited holiday. perhentian kecil is da bomb... the beach is just simply beautiful. clear blue water... and i mean very very clear. even the feeling of every grain of sand beneath my feet... is just so so so sooooooooooo good. u have to go there whenever u're planning that weekend holiday paradise.

i also turned two tones darker due to the heat of the scorching sun. but it's all good. i also learned a lot. pulau perhentian kecil is a backpacker paradise island. if a resort kind of holiday is what u're looking for then perhaps u should head down to redang island, perhentian besar or even lang tengah island. i myself love resorts holiday and the first sight of this back packer paradis island came to me as a surprise. but in time i was able to fit myself into the whole idea.

i met alot of interesting people over there. travellers, from norway, us, germany, england, and managed to have a chat with some of them. they really are so brave.. quitting their job to travel across the world.. discovering south east asia. most of them say that.. they find malaysia very interesting compared to either indonesia or jakarta. apparently they seem to enjoy the culture over here. they love the weather eventhough its hot and they say that malaysia has some of the most beautiful beaches.. which i truly agree.

the point here is that these people are going of after what they want of in life. they want to travel and they do. sacrificing a lot of things. going through hard times. i dont think its very easy to just quit your job and decide to travel for a year. its easy to stay where i am.. go to work everyday, get some money, live life a bit.. its safe.
playing safe is easy. and its boring. dreams are not made to be easy. and that's why it's called a dream. but dreams can come true.

towards the end of the year last year up till today, things have gone great for me. most of what i dream of came true. and then i realized. have i stopped dreaming? when did that happen. feeling contented with what i have i fall in to my comfort zone. so now i do have new dreams.

making your dreams comes true is the best thing one could yearn for. and that's living life.


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hola mr etcetera!! :) am good.. and u? :)

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Oh .. please update.. write something.. anything really..

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