Friday, May 13, 2005

of whatever things

do you think that my font size is too small? do you have any trouble reading it? hmm.. it kinda looks nice on my screen. but if no one can read it or finds it a bit difficult do tell me and i'll do something a bout it. so how's it been for you? the day the week. its nearly reaching the weekend. some may find it exciting. some may find it boring. its the same to me. well reason being is that i dont work during the weekdays. actually i do, but it's just not the normal 9-5.

i have absolutely no idea what to write about. this whole week i've been feeling a bit empty. its as if something's missing. but what? i wonder why. could it be pms? post menstrual stress? coz its definitely NOT pre menstrual stress this moment. you know, i've never really believed in this pms bullshit. ever since i was young. but of late its been getting to me. or perhaps i want to believe in it. haha why not.. blame it all on the cycle :)

well anyway, its time i pondered upon the beautiful world that i'm living in :) sex abuse, child abuse, rape, murder, animal extinction, pollution, bla bla bla bla bla bla... i could go on and on. but there's also love, ambitions , success, happy cheerful moments, beautiful beaches, exotic sunsets. i get a bit twisted thinking how one side of the world is at its worst moments, and the other side of the world, people are able to live life to the fullest.

so i take a moment to let it all in. syukur alhamdulillah i am at my best. and i hope you are too. there's a long list of complains or not enoughs but it's okay :)


Blogger venus said...

i think your font size is just nice :)
it looks nice on my screen too.

hehehe actually pre-menstrual symdrome (PMS) has its truth/basic, scientifically, that is.
we have 2 main types of hormones that make us look feminine -oestrogen and progesterone.
throughout our period cycle, there are fluctuation of both those 2 major hormones that affect our mood hehe..
but perhaps u have taken control of ur moods :) so u don't quite feel it.

there is nothing we can do, sadly. but someone suggested i start by doing good myself, so that every word of good will spread to another which will then be spreaded to another.

i am not a muslim, but my best friends are :)
i was told that all these are signs that humans are going back to zaman Jahiliyyah, which is the coming of the end of the world?
(-sighs- i hope the human race would work things out)
but u're right, we should bersyukur towards what we have :)

(it's already Sunday today)
hehe..i had a nicee weekend :)

10:09 PM  

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