Thursday, May 05, 2005

in love and in trust

a couple of days ago i went to see tentang dia by rudy soedjarwo . i missed the starting and i wonder how it went. but all in all i enjoyed the movie. there was this twist in the story line.. it was a bit different.. it made me realize what it means to trust and to love. 100 %

loving and trusting 100% is easy. well it's supposed to easy. but sometimes i find it so hard. and i wonder why.. and who suffers from it.. simply myself and those who love me unconditionally. but each day.. i live with it.. and i continue to trust.. to love.. accepting the world as it is.. and i succeed.. little by little i allow myself to experience each moment.. forgetting my past.. not worrying too much bout the future and living out the best in the moment.

but still some barriers will still be there.. i will still hit the wall.. the box.. my box.. until that day.. when i'm strong enough to break it all .... its a process that i'll continue to yearn for.. day by day..
step by step.. and i'll make it as beautiful as can be.. because i believe...

in love.. and in trust..


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