Monday, May 02, 2005

ramble bamble

i remembered again today.. that i dont listen. or i give the excuse i forget to listen. what crap is that anyway? oh well.. selfish me with thoughts in my head.. i read somewhere.. that there was a reason why we have two ears and one mouth.. im getting into the mood where i think it's okay to just be okay. and i dont like being just okay.

another week to look forward to. whats going on for me. nothing much just the usual haywire of my crazy wacko stylo sometimes boring mundane routine. im in the mood for food. and today it's gotta be pizza. where's the best place to have pizza? id say picolo mondo ... if the cheque just came in... if not.. the ones they sell at hartamas sq is pretty good too! what makes a good pizza? for me.. its gotta be the base, the tomato herb sauce.. and the cheeeeessseee..

i cannot understand why we have tom yam pizza or even assam laksa... i am truly malaysian.. i love tomyam.. although i think that's from thailand rite? ok well i love assam laksa, rendang, curry and all.. but not on my pizza. kudos to pizza companies for wanting to be very malaysian.. but please... not ur pizza's. well im sure for some.. its yummie.. super duper yummie.. but not for me.. ok so it's a free country.. and anyone can do what they want..

but i'll just have pizza the way i always had it. one thing i will not change.. i cannot change.. yup.. i'm boring..

i'd like to have a regular pizza with coke please... oh misss.. would u like to try our tomyam pizza??? its verry verry nice... uhh.... uhh.. it's okay.. im sure it is..


Blogger venus said...

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2:21 PM  
Blogger juliana said...

dear venus, its nice meeting u. wow such a coincidence. i just started this blog and still getting the hang of it. come by more often yeah! :) hugs and cheers.

4:20 PM  

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