Thursday, May 19, 2005

i wear wings and live in trees.

a couple of days ago, a friend gave some sort of a feedback to me. apparently i should wear wings and live in trees. i appeared defensive at first. i mean how dare u say a thing like that to me. it seems to be that i live in some sort of a fairytale life. and that i should change this blog name to -- 'a sort of fairytale'.

but... looking back.. it may seem ridiculous to this person. but personally, it is my intention. perhaps to some people what i go through is a fairy tale. my fairytale and this is what's true for me. i write from my heart. and i get my inspiration from everyone. i am just being me. this is me.

to those of you who dont really know me. believe me, i live a normal life. i work, i have parents who wants perfection, i sometimes have no money, i shop like a woman.. i drive a car like a woman, i fight, i argue, i'm selfish, and i get jealous, at times my self esteem gets low, and at times i become too ambitious. i want to get married and i want to have babies. i like to travel and i have dreams to achieve success, wealth, happiness and everything i can gain for as long as i live. we all do, dont we? nobody wants to live in a rut, nobody wants to be unhappy, and secretly, im sure everyone wishes that money grows on trees.

but this is a side of juliana, that i want to share with the world. this a side of juliana that keeps me going on. this is a side of juliana. one side of juliana. brave, confident, loving and passionate. a promise i make to myself. no matter what this is who i'll always be.

p/s : i'll be away for a week in pulau perhentian. there's so much to love there, the beach especially, white sands, and of course the amazing underwater world.. so.. stay tuned! :)


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