Wednesday, September 27, 2006

where do i go from here

what exactly is a blog?im too lazy to google it up and im sure some one can tell me what it means or literally means. well anyway its seems like its been ages that i've posted anything. even im bored with my page. can my life be thatempty? empty enough for me not to have written down anything? no.. i dont think so..actually no.. i have just not been acknowledging it.. so now here i begin...

late august -- went to singapore .. to audition for 5 takes.. where gladly to be there but sadly to not make it to the final 5.. but as jade maravillas my room mate from manilla, phillipines said.. we had great chance to have fun, met a lot of great people and ...i of course ended up shopping ! so what happened was that.. they had gathered about 36 participants to audition for the programme and they were flown in from malaysia, taiwan, indonesia, phillipines, australia. and you guys should watch out for the final 5 takes - USA

upon arrival back to kl where i headed of to sekeping serendah for a barbeque amongst friends.. indeed the retreat was definitely a treat :)
and of course.. when september came.. it was my reason to celebrate!!! :) a chance to have my darling nephews blow out my 26 candles for me :) for friends and loved ones to gather and meet. a million laughters and a zillion smiles .

To think, when one is no longer young, when one is not yet old, that one is no longer young, that one is not yet old, that is perhaps something -Samuel Beckett

and then.. it was time to focus it all out.. on ming jin's work. his latest feature film the history of pink elephants. where i play the role of leana.

many have said.. juliana.. update your blog. and i said i dont know what to write.. and they said.. write what you always write about.. you write about love and life.. and love and life.. and love..

just how much love can i write about? too much..not much? never too much... just about enough to love and be loved..

if love is blind, if love's a drug,
it always is, it always was
and love was surely made for fools like me
I did, I can, I was, I am
only human, living, dying
just like any fool who ever breathed

maybe it's the sanest thing
or just the sweetest kind of dream
but love was surely made for fools
love was surely made for fools,
love was surely made for fools like me

- lisa loeb -