Monday, August 08, 2005

what crap art thou?

is it just me, or does everyone feel that they have too little time and loads of stuff on their checklist. haha... i think its time management. i could be doing all the stuff i say i want to do. but no.. i sit down here in front of this black box typing my alphabets morning day and nite.. and i say i dont have enough time... bullshit :)
some of the things i say i want to do..
1. go back to my riding lessons
2. watch a movie
3. finish reading the book i bought 2 weeks a go - the goddess within by georgianna das
4. clean up my room
5. cook a meal
6. .......
wait a minute... is that just it? and how come it seems that there's no time? aaahh.. seee.. when i list it all down, its not so much after all.. its just that when i dont it seems that there's a bazillion things to do. and what have i been doing all this while? lets recapp..
1. work..
3. spending loving time
4. work
5. shopping
6. celebrated a friend's birthday --- ah that was a good one... at la bodega bgsr.
7. went to by some personal needs at klcc
8. bought 2 more books --- Rumi the book of Love, ISLAM and the destiny of MAN
9. thinking of unnecessary nonsense, killing the heart and soul.

i think i need a holiday... faraway... the island is calling for me.. the ocean waves calling out my name....
oh yes.. i miss u too!!


Blogger Ted said...

one piece at a time would be more manageable than taking one big chunk altogether. i feel ur pain, sistah!

2:25 PM  

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