Thursday, September 15, 2005

a stepford wife

my mom's on a trip to india for a whole week and i have been given the task to prepare meals for my dad and my elder sister. given the fact that i do not work 9-5 and that i do love to cook, i was quite excited about it all. i love the kitchen .. i really do. but somehow i never really took upon such responsibilities. yes i cook lunch on sunday afternoons, or wednesday nights.. but really.. not every single day for breakfast lunch and dinner. as a child, i had this little idea in my head of getting married, cooking for my husband, sending the kids to school.. ahh.. remember that movie.. the stepford wives? i was ready to be a stepford wife!! :)

and for the past couple of days, i've been juggling time for meetings, shoots, and preparing meals. its not so bad after all.. ah.. lucky enough for me.. there's someone else taking care of the housework so yeah.. its not so bad really. this week has also been one of the weeks where i thought i'd be troubled by some issues happening in my life. but sumhow rather things have been quite smooth sailing. i cannot lie i do think of it at times.. most of the times... but i guess patience, hope, and faith keeps me going on.

can i bitch for a couple of seconds. u see.. i really dont like bitching about how ugly things can be in my life. but sumtimes i feel like i need to get it all out.. out of the system.. empty recycle bin.. trash can.. out out out. believe me.. im all normal.. there are days when i feel like i wish it was the end of the world. but most of the times.. i like to look at the pretty sight and if its not as pretty as i wish it were to be.. id work at making it as pretty as it can be.. sigh.. sigh sigh.... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! and as u can see im not even writing about what im so upset about.. i just wanna scream my heart out that i am upset about sumthing.................................................. :) okay.. i should be fine now :)

anyway :) im starting on a new project next week. will be hosting a travel show where we bring local celebrities back to their hometown as we reminisce on the good old days :) im rather excited about it. will keep u all updated when it airs on tv :)


Blogger Julia Elvarado said...

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Blogger muteaudio said...

Wahhhh.... U r getting busier. Non stop. Met Rozie the other day and she told me about Gubra shoot. She hentam'ed Khir sampai berdarah. Not that teruk I think. Anyway Good luck with the shoot.

5:57 PM  

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