Monday, September 26, 2005

so what if....

who's been in a situation where, u consult a friend about something and all they do.. is tell u the negative outcome of the situation. and then u consult another friend and they tell u mostly all of the positive outcome of what's going to happen. and what about u.. when a friend is in trouble.. and they come to you.. what do you do?

mostly when there is a problem or an unsolved matter, or a confused and troubled situation, i jsut loveeeee to turn to the people around me.. never ever wanting to listen to my heart when i know that it always tells me what i really want and it just knows what its supposed to do. it's funny how most times, when im faced with a troubled situation, or im in somthing that will or will not leave me troubled, people will usually tell me to go out the backdoor, instead of actually facing up and creating what i want to create. and sumtimes, i have friends who tell me that.. i should go on with it and see what happens, if i get what i want.. great.. if i dont.. its okay ... it's called taking a risk.

when people come to me, i usually tell them to take a risk. i myself sometimes believe that taking a risk is rather difficult, especially when u're taking a risk with ur self. i mean.. who wants to get hurt, who wants to feel sad, who wants to be dissapointed... no one.. but, when we allow our fear to take over our hearts in making decisions, we are actually losing out. well that's what i feel. nothing comes easy dont u think so?

no pain no gain. i have one life.. only one.. and to have all that i dream of in life... it's gonne be one hell of an exciting journey. rainy days, and bright sunshines... mountains and hills, rivers and the open sea... so what what if i fall.. i'll get up wont i? if im lucky enough, i might have a hand to reach out for. i know u can reach out for mine anytime anyplace.. so what if its painful? there's always painkillers everywhere.. and in different forms too :) and imagine.. what if after all the pain, and all the energy has been taken away.. and u feel like u dont want to live another day.. and then.. the sun comes out.. and u come to this place.. this special place.. that u've dreamed of all ur live... its there.. with all its glory.. its' all that u've ever wanted..

why not?


Anonymous tOad said...

sometime not taking risk does not mean we'll miss the chance.

10:55 PM  
Anonymous Izham said...

I totally agree with u jules. I never regret for what i've done but i do regret for what i've never tried.

Risk is a key of success, key to the things that we want.

U urself i believe had been taking a lot of risks, all this while, sepanjang i know u.

I salute u for all that.

* eh how's ur mom? Kirim salam to her ok ..


8:54 PM  
Anonymous Izham said...

Hi julie,

selamat berpuasa..


6:01 AM  
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