Tuesday, January 17, 2006

bare necessities

i had made a point today to be different. to act differently. see things differently. i took a quiet moment to recognize all that i have. and there's no reason to be angry, or upset, or dissappointed in absolutely anything. it probably has been that way only that i chose not to believe in it.

but as usual, i can never stop questioning myself or anyone with some of the necessities of life. today its about beauty products and cosmetics. is it worth it enough to spend a lot of money on things like this. brands like chanel, mac, bobbi brown, estee lauder. are they really in to make us look good or is it just another branding gimmick.

i have been one of those who has been bought by these branding gimmicks. an avid fan of 'supposedly high quality cosmetics and skin care' i find it hard to believe that all of these are needed in my life. leonard drake tells me that it is essential for me to do my facial at least twice everymonth. and for every visit, that would cost me a walloping RM200 just for facial ... and that does not include products that we 'supposedly need to use' and yet as my dad bluntly puts it "how come u still dont have flawless skin?" do i listen to him? does my heart falter wondering why it's not really working? no.. faithfully i contribute each month to the fork raking money making company.

so maybe its not them.. maybe i just dont drink enough water... but its not fair.. at the age of 59, my mom, has better skin then me.. what's her secret i ask? "take care of your skin" "wash cleanse tone moisturize" hey i could read that from a magazine and mummy dearest, i've been doing that for the past 10 years and it doesnt seem to work!!

so i give up.. maybe its time for 'clean and clear' 2 weeks later and it seems even worse than before... miss christy from leonard drake says " aaa misss... ur skin very sensitive and very oilyy, so all the pores are clogged up. maybe ur skin care is NOT non - comodegenic. you must try our product it IS non-comodegenic. ahh.. so i continue to spend having high hopes that there's much to get from all of this. hey maybe i'll start using SKII facial treatment essence to.. so i'll have crystal clear skin like award winning actress QIQI or malaysia's own deanna yusoff :)

and when i look back, its these little pleasures in life that makes me want to work wo hard. hey.. a facial, great skin care and beauty products, every woman's best friend :)

some think its worth it.. some think its not.. which one are u? :)

p/s : those leonard drake gurls are quite nice actually.. and extremely talented in helping you empty your purse :) lots of love...


Blogger Tenno Miyake said...

How's the SKII? I'm right now trying on some clinique products. The problem with me is that I;m so lazy to do the things.

Your skin oily ke Julie? I don't think so lah..

7:19 AM  

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