Friday, January 06, 2006

of nothing in particular

wow.. i cannot believe its been so long since i've written anything. was there nothing to write about? or have i been busy.. or have i not been making time for my blog or perhaps even for myself. i would say i have been through some fortunate and unfortunate series of events. nevertheless i have no regrets. i may share some bits and pieces here and there. not all in one writing though.. its a balance of bitter and sweet here and there.

i took a break from work and went for a holiday. it was really fun. i went to the beach. i loveeeee beaches. there's this warm feeling that gushes through my soul everytime i sit down on the sand facing the open sea.

the coming of new year looked pretty heavenly from where i was on the 31st of december 2005. i was away on a beautiful island. the water was clear blue. waves were splashing around. and there were stars bright up in the sky. it was too good to be true. i faced the open sea and noticed that i had a lot for me to look forward too... yet at that moment i felt lost. i felt scared. 2006.. another year... what's it gonna be like this time? 2005 was good.. a lot went on for me and i felt relieved that i had lived each day almost to the fullest doing exactly all that i had wanted to do...

so what's it going to be like this year.. more things to do. new things to learn. more love to give. i am pressure by my own little self to do better this year. to make the most out of it. after all i do only have just one life. i found out a couple of weeks back that my directer mr ng ping ho reads my blog. now i feel really conscious about it. i have this voice that tells me i need to excel in everything that i do. that i cannot make mistakes. that its embarassing to look stupid. how ever i do realize that.. id never learn anything if i dont make mistakes..

its not so easy writing now.. i think im all over everywhere. i know i need to snap out of it and focus.. i'll try again.. in a couple of minutes.. hugs people.. im back :)


Blogger Tenno Miyake said...

Welcome back jules!

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