Saturday, June 03, 2006

maybe its yoga

this entry is being created with the yoga instructor in mind. [update your blog i miss u] -was what she said in a recent sms. it seems unfair that i had just left this space blank for a very long time. or what seemed like a very long time which had passed by so quickly. the reason for the empty space was because, i simply didnt know what to write. to say i had done nothing for the past 3 weeks was a lie. but i had felt so empty inside. but today its time to get up.. and fill it up ..

sick for 3 weeks - loss of voice, fatigue, cold, flu, sore throat
[now getting much better with all that honey lemon and tea]

went for holiday - simply delightful, a memorable experience, blessed

work - chicky hour, realiti and perhaps a new contract for a new show which will be informed once everything is in black and white.

family - all in good health

friends - super duper SUPER!!! [lunch tea and dinner wouldnt be as super without all you super you]

and for all the above in my life.. i honestly shouldnt be complaining about anything at all. i ask myself if i want someting more, or perhaps something less. the answer's not there. but something's missing.. im quite sure i know what it is... or maybe i need yoga?


Anonymous takeru said...

hehe. good luck!

3:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems 2 me that a running theme in your life is the search 4 ultimate answers to life's problems. If U feel an inner void in your life, it's probably because U're not fully connected to your Destiny - you need 2 know that U'r doing your Life's work and that everyday is a step closer to reaching your goal. Sometimes we may have a lot on our plates and still feel empty in the midst of busy-ness...

And then again, maybe U're also looking 4 someone special 2 share your life with. It may be as simple as that. It can be very lonely at the top, yes?

If only everyday the connection with God can be so strong, but we all know that faith ebbs and flows with the tides of time. I'm quite sure that eventually you'll find out that what's missing in your life is actually there all along...

J.T. Edwards

10:30 AM  
Blogger juliana said...

thank you takeru

thank you J.T. What you have written meant a lot to me.

11:25 AM  

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