Thursday, November 16, 2006

dots that dont meet.

yes a long time it has been. a month of ramadhan and a month of syawal... almost. quiet moments, fulfilled living moments, moments to cherish, moments.. perished..

so the new year is screaming its date. looking far ahead as to what it may look like. time will tell. looking back. not a moment to regret.

its a funny feeling, to have been in hiding from this space, and suddenly return. like an old friend, i've lost touch with... and suddenly to pick up that phone and make a call..

how do we turn an awkward situation or what we think of such situations, into a pleasant one not to be forgotten?

the ugly act of misconceptions is when our preconceived notions takes place above everything else that could possibly matter. thinking of the worst that could possibly happen when the truth of it all is that its possible to think of the best that could definitely happen.

no this is not an entry that means what it doesnt mean. it means exactly what it means.

just a mere feeling of being uncomfortable. at this point of time. and its best to get over with it.. so i can start again.

many thoughts passed by many times. putting it aside waiting for the right time didnt help. but. there is no right time, whatever time there is to do what we want to do is the time do it. waiting doesnt help. thinking about it doesnt help either.

its when we say what we say and do what we do that will turn it all around.

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Blogger *cosmic freak* said...

"many thoughts passed by many times. putting it aside waiting for the right time didnt help. but. there is no right time, whatever time there is to do what we want to do is the time do it. waiting doesnt help. thinking about it doesnt help either."

what you do, is that you don't wait, you don't think, you end up .. simply just forgetting practically everything ...

that's for people like me who didn't do it pronto la ... hahaha ...

turning an awkward situation to a pleasant one not to be forgotten is not a problem.

having to be too comfortable in a situation until it became so awkward and you look back finding the connector that have made it so comfortable in the first place, thats harder, and thats what I'm facing right now.

do you get what I mean? cos I dont ... hahahaha ...

3:24 PM  
Blogger sensei said...

Found your blog as I was surfing the net (syyyyy).. Quite an interesting mind you got there.. ;) Kinda brought back this guilt feeling for asking Cindy (Talent Factory) to find us an MC and when she mentioned your name, I wen't Ju.. who?? hehe.. Sorry ye..

And just so that you don't feel bad about yourself, the committee opted for no celebrity MC this year.. :P

4:08 PM  
Blogger juliana said...

cosmic freak -----being too comfortable making it become rather awkward huh.. hmm.. not sure if this could be true for you.. but if that happens to me... i know its sometimes because im a person who wants more, and being comfortable is as if im not doing enough.. and the truth about that for me is that, i will never do enough.. but what i have is enough to be enough.. okay... im now a certified *confuse-R and this itself might be too deep for me to digest at the moment.. and as my yoga instuctor would say.. its time to breathe.... so let us breathe together as we ponder upon all the why-S? in the world... -x-

p/s-- connector? hmm.. would our cosmic minds connect this simple word together?

*confuse-R --- a person who confuses other people..

sensei -- we'll perhaps meet someday. maybe the committee will opt to have one next year.. :)

4:26 PM  
Blogger *cosmic freak* said...

well, I know this might turn into "Dear Thelma" session (well, its Dear Abby if you log to, cos thats my name, abby), but let me just explain.

There's a certain extent of having a memorable pleasant situation. You get too comfortable enjoying the pleasantness of that memorable situation, you think about it constantly which brings smile not only to your lips but to your heart as well.

and ... until you reach a point, where awkwardness starts to prevail, aside from feeling utterly awkward with the current situation, you question, what was that connector which made it comfortable in the first place.

but like you said, people like us want more, and like me, I've done everything to be wanting more, but what I get is more awkwardness my way.

so, what was the connector you ask.

as a person who believes in cosmic vibe and energy, I'm only able to give my childish expression and lift my hands saying I don't know.

as a selfless person, I would blame everything on myself for losing the connector, whatever it might be.

this has gone far far away from your post. heh. I'm sorry. (its a trick to keep you online more often! heh!)

5:32 PM  
Blogger juliana said...

dear abby,

hehe.. in that case, i guess i woulr embrace the awkwardness, maybe its a chain reaction related to the connector.. maybe there is no connector, maybe its just the forces of the universe.. the way it is.. nothing more nothing less. neither right nor wrong.

i really am not sure where this is going.. but i do know where i'll be going..

tomorrow i'll be going to jb.. so if a few days u dont get an answer or a reply, dont give up on me.. i'll be back :)

but what if there really are no answers... and there is no way of solving this.. hehehe..

xoxo.. have a great weekend..

p/s: whatever trick your using.. its a way to keep me on my toes.. tq

6:34 PM  
Blogger *cosmic freak* said...

have a nice trip and great time at JB ... I'll be enjoying my place here in KL and Putrajaya (work) with lotsa rain and messy thoughts of awkwardness, connector and universe.

right now, my happy place should be walking on a hot sandy sunny beach ...

*carebear huggies*

7:06 PM  
Blogger sensei said...

Juliana & Cosmic @ Abby :)

1stly thanks Ju from dropping by my blog.. nanti senang, dtg la jenguk lagi.. ;) BTW, this is my other blog -->
It might get you guys to ease up on the 'dots' and 'connections' abit.. cos I'm at a total lost no matter how many times I read what you guys wrote here.. hehe..

2:35 PM  
Blogger *cosmic freak* said...

hehehe ....

sensei, I've read your blog, not much different with the dots and whatnot ... same je confusing. Hahaha ...

we're a confused nation finding meanings of life.

whats the connector we ask.

probably the same creator. (",)

3:07 PM  
Blogger sensei said...

Birds of a feather floks together.. ruangan comment ni pun dah jadi macam chatroom.. hehehe :P

5:51 PM  
Blogger DareDevil8 said...

pretty interesting banter,i must admit.
Connector?it's the true u,unfestered and unmaligned by the cantankerous MIND.

sounds like i'm a complete psycho condemning my very existence.

the MIND is just so unreliable in more ways than one,creating the absolute dissatisfaction in many aspect,running to and fro finding the ultimate bliss while it's just simmering below

7:08 PM  
Blogger Tenno Miyake said...

Hulie (pronounce macam spanish),

Can u be a wedding MC?

Hehe.. u'll know why lah..

anyway, bila dia nak ambil orang baru shell helix refresh my ride.. sms me bila2 ada ok?

9:25 AM  

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