Wednesday, June 28, 2006

hips dont lie

love is much needed in the world. children are dying , mothers being killed , fathers being tortured and all of those who suffer in pain. and there's more to say to this. however, it just doesn't seem right for me to not have an entry on the 'most important' event happening in town and all over the world too. especially when my niece and nephews aged between 3-7 are talking about it. a conversation i overheard from the next table where they were having their fish and chips. " i like england " " i like brazil " " i like costa rica " and small little taufiq aged 3 who knew nothing about what they were all talking about but merely wanted to join in the conversation mentioned " i like london " [ and only because he went on a trip to big city london recently ]

yes. im talking about the game where 22 people chase after a ball on a big green field with thousands of people cheering for them. no.. i have nothing against football. i do not detest the whole idea of it. i am not angry if men forget the women by their side for a football game. and neither do i think its silly that these sometimes gorgeous looking men chase after a ball. [BUT] im not a fan, i dont watch a single game unless someone else is watching or the big screen tv at the mamak shop 'happens' to have it on. and i DO NOT unsubscribe the results from maxis which never fails to wake me up EVERY morning. which nicely allows me to know the score and therefore not appear too dumb when finally someone i meet does speak about it. however, i do envy dzof who is now in germany watching all the games yet finds time to send me a postcard of fruits from one of the museums he visited. [updated enty 30/06/06 - not just any fruits but claude monet's pears and grapes :: kunsthalle, hamburg, germany :: ]

so yeah. i get excited that the WORLD CUP is here, and i'd wear a tshirt to support a team or even paint my face. the thought of che
ering for a team would bring me much delight. many years passed by, i still dont have a team. i probably never will.

unlike those little children, at the next table, filled with enthusiasm up to the maximum level, stand by their teams which from england, brazil and costa rica earlier , had moved on to saudi arabia, south korea and germany, and for taufiq who from london, now, chooses singapore [ his first trip on an airplane was to singapore -- he's very much proud of it ]

p/s :sing along to the tune of shakira's world cup hit!


Blogger Amir EtCetera said...

I faced the same experience (well.. almost) few weeks ago. The kids at the next table where I had my dinner (almost the same age as those you've mentioned) talking about football..

" aku rasa Ronaldo terer."
" tak la.. Beckham lagi terer.. dia tendang power"
" hari tu aku tengok owen terer'

then out of nowhere..

"alahh.. kau tak tahu, Mokhtar Dahari lagi terer.. dia tendang laju"

Now, even for my age, I've never seen Mokhtar Dahari played. And now this kid is talking about him.. *wusshh* I almost sprayed my food.

11:25 PM  
Blogger Dzof said...

Just want to say that that postcard I sent you just happens to be Monet's Pears and Grapes, 'kay? I don't skimp when it comes to fruit baskets.

7:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying a great World Cup. My team is in the semis (Germany) where they'll be facing a team of male models who play some decent football (Italy). I'm so happy that England and Brazil are out... Hehehe...

J.T. Edwards

10:09 PM  

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