Wednesday, December 06, 2006

will it be what it will be?

i've been told at times that i can be a baby. vulnerable . like a child. naive at times. their point of view. my point of view.. yes its true though that i have a different way of looking at things. i like to believe that the world is nice and sweet despite the fact that it does seem like its crumbling down. i like to believe that until proven guilty , one is innocent [okay im talking about normal day street people and not those behind bars]. i also like to believe that what will be will be.

it stresss me alot if i have to figure it out otherwise, if i have to be too careful wether or not someone is lying to me, or trying to hurt me, or having ulterior motives. im not saying that it doesnt cross my mind at all. it does.. its just when i believe it, its clearly a waste of my happy time.i make a choice to believe that if they do.. then they do. if they dont... wow.. id probably be having the time of my life.

the keyword here is trust. it is not easy to trust. especially if one has been hurt before. but i've learned that trust comes with trusting. and that it is the most important ingredient in any relationship. mother, father, child, lover , friends, workmates. there are no guarantees. but it saves us from a lot of negative energy that will definitely just bring us down. well thats what i feel and i truly believe in.

isnt it obvious that we sometimes dont trust.. because we dont want to get hurt. so what if being hurt is a choice that we can make? can we choose to be hurt and not trust again? can we choose to be hurt , then make another choice to move on, start over , and trust. yes there will be times when it can seem so cruel, but it cant be that the world is just so against us. can u imagine what things would be like.. if we trust. if we just trust. and if we dont.. can we be honest about it?

[ trust allows you to give. giving is abundant. trust allows the experience of bliss. bliss is awakefulness. trust allows you to laugh. laugh at the richness, the beauty and the playfulness of the universe. apply consciousness to this process and all roads will lead to home ] gary zukav


Blogger sensei said...

I'll start with a lame joke -> want to know about unit TRUST, can ask me.. hehe..

OK, on a more serious note.. sometimes we just need time to warm up to things.. a wise sensei by the name of Elvis Presley one said "We can't go on with suspicious minds".. so give the next guy benefit of doubt.. let him have his chance first.. sure you'll come across a few 'rotten bananas' but that's no reason to burn down the whole plantation.. kan? ;)

9:06 AM  
Blogger DareDevil8 said...

any good this Zukav guy?was told bout it by a friend a month back.

once we understand the intricacies of the mind,things fall into is not of essence

10:08 AM  
Blogger *cosmic freak* said...

hohoho ... trust ... what a touchy subject to kickstart my day.

my parents have trust issues. heh. (as if I don't).

no, I don't have trust issues. Its typical me to be trusting people so easily. becos I believe (and I believeeee sistah!), that, I don't lose. I've got nothing to lose. If people take advantage on me, I don't lose. Its their lost. Because despite not being strictly pious nor religious, I do believe that God knows ALL. And maybe, I'll be rewarded. If not, it could be used to clear up those storerooms of sins I've got in my warehouse of deeds. heh.

People who develops trust easily are considered naive. Stupid and dumb.

But I'm fine with that. If my soul is naive, than its easier to purify it. And the return to innocence is an impossible journey yes, but the adventure once you've taken that journey to return to innocence, thats the rewarding part.

I don't mind crying rivers and waterfalls if I were hurt from trusting people to have a piece of my heart.

its people's choice, not lady's choice. heh.

it does save us from a lot of negative energy. and in my abyss, negative is not an energy form. its just the indication of numbers in my purse.

10:58 AM  
Anonymous Isaac said...

You're so so right, trust is definatly very important in anything you're doing. You'll get hurt, that's the price of trusting the wrong person. Well, usually females have a better instinct than male and they usually trust the right person unlike male. You should give chance to somebody weather they are worthy to trust or not. I've been thinking about it for quite sometime. How would you know weather a person is truly sincere to you and not trying to taking advantages of you.. Being ignorant :P

12:09 PM  
Blogger juliana said...

its nice hearing different point of views.. that way we all learn a lil bit bout each and everyone of us.. :)

10:11 PM  
Blogger the Razzler said...

Que Sera Sera .. What Will Be Will Be !!

Don't Worry, Be happy !!

We usually only learn to appreciate the true value something .. when we begin to possess less & less of it !!

Why ahhhh?? .. Smile Selalu .. :):)

10:42 AM  
Blogger juliana said...

i guess sometimes its not even about trusting the other person,or the situation.. but also to truly trust ourselves... trust the process :)

11:14 AM  
Blogger me,myself n all around da world said...

hi juliana...

i saw at my chatbox,gal name juliana, not sure it's u or not...

different of view/ bahasa we call it as jamak perspektif.

bukankah perbezaan pendapat itu satu rahmat di dalam islam???hehe

11:16 AM  
Blogger juliana said...

yes sir. sgt benar ape yang di kata..
dan kalau u nampak nama tu few days back or last week betul la kot :) not sure too...

12:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are days when trust turns to rust and it seems that we'll never be able to pull through. The faint promise of a brilliant rainbow at the end of the storm keeps one going even when all hope seems lost. Without trust in a Higher Purpose, I cannot imagine people living on, groping in the dark, heading towards the light...

J.T. Edwards

2:22 PM  
Blogger Eka said...

"I trust people, its just the devil in them i didn't trust ~ quote from Italian Job."

In which i agree with the quote,sometimes i think it better be safe than sorry..its depends on your level of tolerance, but for me, tolerate doesn't mean you can put up with it..yeah, you can tolerate when someone broke your trust,but doesn't mean you can't be piss off.. :)

6:06 PM  

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